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TikiBarToGo.com - The ORIGINAL and still the BEST

Make money with our portable Tiki Bars!

Want a Portable Tiki Bar Business?
Make great money working for yourself, from anywhere, doing something fun!

Are you an Event Planner, Caterer, Bartender, DJ, Artist/Craftperson, Chef or other mobile services provider? Do you offer your services or products and want a fun, unusual, mobile set up to make you stand out?

Our commercial grade portable Tiki Bars are very portable, high quality and set up in ten minutes. They break down into 3 custom carry bags.

Other portable Tiki bars on the market have very light framing for the roof which isn’t good or even safe for outdoor use. The strength of the base is important if you ever want to use frozen drink machines or other equipment on the bar top. Heavier wood bars frequently become unstable once moved as the components are not designed for the unit to be moved.

When disassembled, the portable Tiki Bar measures 72″ x 30″ x 7″ and fits inside a set of optional custom designed carry bags. This compact size lets you store it almost anywhere. It is easily transported in SUVs and most cars with a fold down rear seat. Our portable Tiki Bars are durable – designed and built to stand up to daily transport, assembly and disassembly. These portable Tiki Bars have many uses and draw attention in a crowd. People notice it and love it!

You can use one, two or three of them at a time depending on the size of set up you want. Combine two for an L shaped set up and three for a large U shaped set up. This gives you total flexibility.

Our portable Tiki Bars are great for mobile businesses such as:

  • Caterers
  • Bartenders
  • Bands on tour
  • Liquor Distributors
  • Chefs for cooking demos
  • DJs
  • Foodtrucks
  • Travel Companies for Trade Shows
  • Event Planners
  • Wedding planners
  • So many more!

Own your own portable Tiki Bars and make money renting them out to others!

We are expanding our rental network. People love to rent them for parties and events. You can buy one or more and rent them out to others! Offer to deliver and set it up then come break it down and pick it back up for an extra fee. Throw in bartending, catering or party decorations for additional fees.

You can purchase with zero down financing and no interest/payments for 6 months if you pay it in full at the end of 6 months with PayPal Credit at checkout. If you rent it out a few times a month it could pay for itself and then be a pure money maker.

The Paradise Package is our commercial package. It comes with three custom carry bags, wheels and an extra shelf.

We look forward to helping you make money with our portable Tiki Bars!

Your portable Tiki Bar can pay for itself!

If you use the PayPal credit option when you check out you can have 6 months of interest free financing and no payments due for 6 months if paid in full at the end of six months. Then you can rent it out to other people for their parties. All it would take is ten rentals at $200/weekend and it will have paid for itself! We’ll include you on our rental list page and refer rental inquiries to you for your area.

Order Your Portable Tiki Bar Now!

We custom build our portable Tiki Bars to order in New Jersey. We ship worldwide via UPS.

Order Now

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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