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I’ve seen other tiki bars recently that are cheaper than your bar. What makes your bar better?
Durability. Some units have very light framing for the roof which isn’t good or even safe for outdoor use. The strength of the base is important if you ever want to use frozen drink machines or other equipment on the bar top. Next, portability. Heavier wood bars frequently become unstable once moved. Durability and portability are the hallmark of a TikiBarToGo bar. The old adage of ‘getting what you pay for’ certainly applies here. So does ‘Made in the USA’.

What do you need to transport the bar?
The Tiki Bar comes apart quickly and is quite compact. We offer a three piece custom bag set which holds the entire bar and makes it easy to carry and store. The largest piece of the disassembled bar is the roof unit. It is light and thin (about 2 ½”) but it is 72” long. Many SUV’s and cars with fold down back seats will accommodate this piece as well as the balance of the bar.

I’m not mechanically inclined, how difficult is it to assemble the bar? What tools are required?
You do not need any special skills to assemble the bar. Complete instructions are included and a step-by-step video is available from our website. Other than perhaps the first time or two, it takes about 10 minutes to fully set up the unit. The PVC pieces slip together and interlock. The shelving and bar top also interlock with the frame. Tools are generally not required but the assistance of an inexpensive rubber mallet can make the process easier. A Phillips screwdriver is helpful if you select wheels for your Tiki Bar to tighten two small screws at the base of the unit.

Is the bar top able to hold the weight for equipment like blenders?
Our Tiki Bar is made of 1 ¼” PVC pipe which is the same pipe used in the manufacture of PVC furniture. The top and shelving is made of ½” birch plywood which is also capable of holding considerable weight. The bar is used by some owners to hold commercial frozen drink machines.

Are bar stools available with the bar?
Depending on your intended use, the addition of bar stools is a good one. They are attractive and functional. We do not offer stools for sale since shipping costs are prohibitive. We have found that inexpensive natural wood bar stools are readily available in most locations.

Do parts of the bar require replacement under normal use?
With normal use and proper care, the bar should offer years of service without the need to replace parts. However, if the part is transported frequently or handled roughly, the natural components such as the reed skirt and the grass roof may deteriorate over time. These parts can be ordered from TikiBarToGo.com.

How big is the bar?
The bar top measures 60” long and 24” deep. The roof is 72” long and 84” from the floor to the peak.

Are there options available if I order a Tiki Bar?
There are numerous options for the bar, most of which are shown on our website. Options include lighting choices, misting system, and carrying bags.

How much space does the bar take up when disassembled?
The Tiki Bar collapses into a small area. For instance, a bar could be easily stored under a normal size bed. The PVC pipe frame forms its own storage frame and measures 44” long, 22” wide and 8” deep. The roof unit, including the bamboo frame and natural grass covering, folds to a thickness of 2 ½”. The roof is 72” long and 32” wide. The bar top and shelf are each ½” thick. The bar top is 60” by 24” and the shelf is 48” by 18”. We also offer a three piece custom bag set which holds the entire bar and makes it easy to carry and store.

Do people mainly buy the Tiki Bar for backyard use?
The Tiki Bar was originally designed for tailgating and is why it was made so portable. People liked the fact that they didn’t look or act portable and began using them as regular furniture – both indoors and outside. Commercial users began using the Tiki Bar for catering, trade shows and to draw attention at many types of events.

Do you recommend using your tiki bar outdoors?
Our tiki bar is sturdy and durable which makes it perfectly suited to outdoor use. The roof affords a great deal of protection from sun and although not entirely waterproof it will give good protection from light rain. We do not recommend sustained outdoor use however. The natural grasses used for roofing and the bar skirt will discolor over time with continued exposure to water. In addition, the bar top and shelf are finished furniture grade wood. They are treated with the best of exterior finishes but will also discolor and begin to degrade with continued exposure to moisture. The best approach for longevity is to bring the natural components of the bar indoors when not in use.

Are replacement parts available for your tiki bar?
Yes, replacement parts are standardized and are available for all components of our tiki bars. Although not common, we have supplied replacement parts, usually to commercial customers that have had components damaged or lost in the course of transporting the bar.

Are your tiki huts substitutes for your tiki bars?
No, the tiki huts were developed mainly at the request of various businesses that wanted affordable display booths that would still have the attention draw of our tiki bars. They are affordable and they are often purchased in quantity and used as sales displays or kiosks. The palm roof is ideal in a large venue, whether a supermarket, liquor store or trade show, to attract attention from a distance.

If I have questions can I contact someone for assistance?
You can contact a representative at TikiBarToGo.com via email or call (888) TIKIUSA (888) 845-4872

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