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TikiBarToGo.com - The ORIGINAL and still the BEST

About TikiBarToGo.com

TikiBarToGo.com is the manufacturer of Portable Tiki Bars and Tropical Display Units. We have been providing a high quality Tiki Bar at a reasonable price since 2003.Our expanded manufacturing facility is now located in Burlington, NJ.

Our unique Portable Tiki Bar is widely used by frozen drink vendors, caterers, and various companies wanting to draw attention to their products. Originally designed as a Tiki Bar to be taken to tailgating parties at Jimmy Buffett concerts, we soon found that we offer the only truly Portable Tiki Bar durable enough for commercial uses. This makes them perfect for catering, rentals or to provide a tropical theme and draw attention to your product.

We also offer a line of tropical display units, priced for quantity purchase. These units are popular with retail stores for product display and kiosks. The wine and spirit industry has found them useful for attention getting displays.

We are the portable catering unit supplier to Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffee and Smoothie franchisees with our Tiki Bars being used by operators nation-wide. We have also supplied 80 of our Tiki Bars to Miller Brewing Company for use as display units for a Miller Chill beer promotion at locations throughout Florida. We have a solid reputation of working with our customers to quickly develop specialized products to fit their needs. This is possible because we are a locally based business with complete control over our design and manufacturing processes.


Our History

John Derrico -TikiBarToGo.comJohn Derrico


Many years ago, while at a Jimmy Buffett concert, my good friend Joe and I watched a Parrothead begin to construct his tiki bar. It was breakfast time; the traditional beginning of tailgating for Buffet.

By the time we fired up our grill the third time, for dinner, the guy was finishing up. We were really taken with the idea of serving drinks from our own bar and flabbergasted by the fact someone would spend that much time working at a party.

Joe wouldn’t let it go. His position was clear. He was convinced there was a better way. We both had backgrounds in design, so it made sense to collaborate.

The guidelines were straight forward.

~It had to be portable.
~No wasting time when we could be entertaining.
~It had to look really good and be strong.

The prototype was developed in a few weeks. Enhancements began almost immediately.

~Wood trim replaced plastic
~Two shelves spaced for large bottle storage
~A strong roof design

Improvements have continued, directed by user feedback. Some customers found that wheels were desirable and that became an election. The bar had a reed skirt from the beginning, but we found that sewing a vinyl liner behind the reed eliminated shadowing and allowed it to last for years. With the design help of a local firm, bags were developed to allow for easy transport. We still look for ways to enhance our tiki bars.

When Joe first became seriously ill, he made it clear that he wanted his Tiki legacy to continue regardless of whether or not he was able to continue. Sadly, Joe passed away in 2014, but consistent with his wishes we remain dedicated to producing the best bar possible.

Email John
(888) 845-4872

Laura Arden - TikiBarToGo.com

Laura Arden

Director of Business Development

Laura is based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her background is in Sales, Business Development, Travel Journalism, Web Development and Law. We’re actively growing our social media engagement. Please connect with us and be part of the fun! Feel free to reach out with feedback, collaboration proposals and questions.

Email Laura
(808) 799-9350


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